LIONE/CONTI – Our collaboration might continue

by Fernanda Serufilli

Italian version

We had the opportunity to contact Fabio Lione to know more about his new collaboration with Alessandro Conti, named after their own names and much anticipated by the fans, which perhaps will see them both sharing the stage in the future.

Hello Fabio! It’s a real pleasure to be allowed some time by an Italian excellence to answer our questions. A common curiosity pertains right you two, the protagonists of this project, how did you meet?

Hello! Actually I wouldn’t have time ahahah! Alessandro and I met years ago at one of Trick’s live shows nearby Livorno, if  I’m not wrong, they were performing Helloween’s covers and various songs. It was an awesome evening and since then, little by little, we kept in contact.

To many, fans or not, the news about the forthcoming beginning of your work was a real surprise, quite unexpected. Who came up with the idea of this collaboration and where did it come from?

Ehm, mea culpa! Ahahah… To be honest Frontiers Records proposed me to make a CD collaborating with another singer; well, some names came out about this and at the end, I suggested Alessandro’s name. The reasons of my choice are various and obvious: above all the fact that we are friends and both Italian; secondly, both voices are somewhat related to the “Rhapsodyan” universe so this might be interesting to all the fans of the band – or not. We both know the guitarist and producer Simone Mularoni well and have a good relationship with him, etc… Frontiers immediately accepted and thought it was a good idea, so we got in the studio!

The album proves to be polymorphic about atmospheres, which in some cases change right from a song to another; where did you get the inspiration from, to make it so articulate?

Honestly we had this in mind: to realize a varied work, elegant and never boring. I think Simone did a great job during the composition, making the work full of shades and colours.We wanted to realize a good power/progressive product, elegant and varied, also having two different available voices and I believe we reached our target.

What happened to be the best moment of the album’s creative process?

Well, as stated above Simone Mularoni took care of the song’s composition and in the studio, Alessandro and I managed the embellishments and some ideas or improvisations of the moment. Must say it had been very creative and beautiful to get in the studio and finalize the various songs singing each one’s own parts.

What have been the biggest difficulties you encountered instead?

None actually, everything ran smoothly between us and during the recordings, also thanks to the relationship we have got with Simone, among us and the passion for the music which brings us together, ahahah!

Considering the success you had with your fans, will this collaboration continue or it will remain a unique and unrepeatable experience?

I won’t hide that this idea has been taken into consideration and discussed, Frontiers Records would like to continue it and we don’t dislike the idea at all… Obviously everything depends on the timing, the market and everyone’s business.

The album’s cover is very peculiar, it represents two animals chosen as symbols for yourselves and your personalities, I find it really beautiful and meaningful. Why did you choose the lion and how it symbolizes you?

To be honest, the cover has been submitted to me already designed and done and I must say I liked it!

Is it going to be possible to see you and Alessandro together on stage, presenting this album live – for an entire tour maybe -, or it will always be only a “studio” product? If you do it, how do you plan to organize it?

We talked about it with Simone as well, and there actually is the idea; it won’t be easy to realize it for sure considering everyone’s business, the timing, etc, but I think it would be doable to put a band up and bring the project live. I can’t give you any certainties obviously, but the thing has been thought out and discussed.

Thanks a lot for the time you spent for us, feel free to say anything you want to our readers.

A greeting to all readers and not from Fabio Lione and I hope to see you all at the upcoming tour dates of Rhapsody Reunion here in Italy in Bologna, Treviso, Roma and Milano, or during the next Angra’s tour, always in Italy in between March and April. Goodbyyyye!

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