SUZI QUATRO – “The good part is I don’t tour because I need the money… I tour because is love what I do”

by Loris Clerico

Born in Detroit, U.S.A. , year 1950, in his career that began at the age of 14 he played in bands such as Pleasure Seekers and Cradle. In 1971 she moved to Great Britain, called by the British producer Mickie Most.
Considered an important female exponent of glam rock, a musical phenomenon of the seventies, Suzi Quatro has sold over 55 million records and has undertaken a parallel activity as an actress, she also appears in seven episodes of the telefilm “Happy Days”, where she plays the character of Leather Tuscadero, and in an episode of “Inspector Barnaby”.
Suzi has released seventeen studio albums, over forty compilations and best of and one live album.
We at Metalpit had the honor and privilege of being able to interview her for you.
Enjoy the reading!

Hi Suzi! Nice to hear and interview you! Welcome on Metalpit! How are you?
i am doing as good as can be expected in these difficult times.. very very creative, using my time wisely and trying to keep positive

Given the actual global situation I think you also had cancelled concerts, promotion tours and projects. How are you dealing with this moment?
I am just one of many many touring artists that this has happened to.. i miss it terribly, but the good part is i don’t tour because i need the money.. i tour because is love what i do.. i feel more sorry for the musicians, bus companies, equipment hire, roadies, sound engineers etc etc who do in face ‘need’ the money to live.

Tell me more about your new record, when did you recorded it and how did you come up with ideas to write new music?
2019 was a very successful year for me. no control came out to great critical acclaim, my documentary was released at the end of the year , suzi q….and was a huge worldwide success getting to the top of the amazon and apple charts, and over 85 sold out solo shows in iconic halls around the world, the option was take up for a second album, both my son and myself had a ridiculously busy 2020 planned, then lock down. luckily i had built a small demo studio in the grounds, so i said.. ‘okay.. we aren’t going anywhere.. lets write the about.. and thats what we did.. i worked on the patio with my acoustic bass and guitar and song book, and he worked in the studio.. i found it to be extremely creative.. all around me.. ideas pouring out.. and because we had already done one album together.. we knew how to get the best out of eachother… we created magic.. real magic.

Let’s step back for a second to your record “No Control”, can you tell more about it?
yes.. my son has been in bands since age 14…good bands, but they couldn’t get signed.. not a good time for the signing new bands.. finally he told me.. ‘ i need to write songs with you’.. and we started. 3 demo’s turned into something very serious.. and no control was the result. we had no blueprint so it was ‘anything goes’.. we got our feet wet with this album.. very proud of it.

“Bass Line” is a song I like a lot, has a great tune, can you tell more about it?
yes.. i actually said to my son.. try and come up with a santana type riff.. which he did.. we went into the front room.. and plugged in.. and i immediately started to play a melody on the bass which is unusual.. and then i said.. richard… this is called ‘bass line’.. and i did the solo on bass on it too .. which i absolutely love.

In the past you recorded “Desperado” with Jeff Beck, you made a tour with Alice Cooper, is there an artists you’d like to collaborate today?
yes.. loads… Kt Tunstall and i have written some stuff together.. also.. wouldn’t mind doing a duet with rod stewart.. don’t know why.. guess its cause my voice in in the right place now.. that would be great….also.. putting it out there.. would love to duet with alice on ‘only women bleed’…

“Hit the road jack” is a cover song you made, why did you chose with particular song? Do you feel in someway connected to this song?
This was one of the songs my elder sister patti and i used to do in the family shows.. it was one of our party pieces so i always had a special feeling for it.

We know you are half italian, do you have some particular memory about italy?
I am half italian and half hungarian.. don’t leave my mother’s side out.. she will come down and haunt me…. i love both italy and hungary and feel very the blood runnning through me veins when i am there. rome is one of my favorite cities in the world.. so beautiful.. as is budapest.. my mother’s family was from ‘pest’

Is there a city you feel close to?
yes.. lots around the world.. detroit first of all .. my roots .. my heart will always be there.. i love melbourne and sydney in australa having done 38 tours there now.. i love miami and go there often.. of love love love new york.. probably my fav of all.. and see above answer.

When you were 21 you moved in UK, what do you remember about that period?
Was it difficult for you, at the time, to move from one country to another? yes emotionally because i was leaving my family with no guarantee of success.. and it was a strange country, and i lived in a tiny room with no bathroom.. so yes it was a lonely and difficult time but i knew what i wanted and went for it.

If Suzi Quatro were to born today, do you think she would have the same success?
sure , why wouldn’t she… she would be the same person with the same talent, and the same uniqueness… in my opinion i am still a one off… and that would be the same whenever i was born.. strange quesiton by the way.

Would you’ve played the same music or would you throw yourself to another kind of music, like pop or heavy metal?
I think i would always be ‘rock’ orientated.. if however i had been born in the 20’s for example.. i would have played in the speakeasy’s.. and been a bass playing billie holiday.

We went from vinyl to cd to music streaming. How do you feel for the transition from physical media to streaming?
well, the bad part is, as every artist will tell you.. that you earn virtually nothing from streaming.. so people are not paying for your music anymore.. the industry has to address this and make it more fair. you read about big big artist complaining about this all the time… but progress it progress and you have to roll with it the best you can

Do you approve online concert or you are against it?
Neither.. whatever works.

A career long over 50 years with over 55 milions records sold. you travelled the world and performed in the stages of any country. If you were to give an advice to you at a younger what would you say?
I am now in the business 57 years!!.. don’t cut me short… i would say to myself, ‘this is a profession, always treat it as such..learn your instrument properly, and never ever go onstage and give less that 150%

I don’t think talent shows are healthy for the music. many people think that a rock band that comes out of it will have a long career. Instead we see this bands fading away. what do you think about this?
i am on record for many years now, even before it became fashionable to speak out… although they ‘are’ entertaining which they definitely are.. they have had a bad effect in that people are now getting into the business to be ‘famous’.. this is totally wrong… and it is not realistic to be working as a waitress one day, then go on t.v and play to millions with a production that not even a ‘star’ would get.. and then the next day noone knows who you are.. so no.. i do not think they have been healthy.

Finish this interview in which way you prefer and thank you very much for your time. As a young fun of your music and live music, I hope to see you live as soon as possible. Ciao!
And thank you…and yes you should see me live.. its where i truly shine.

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