LOS MALES DEL MUNDO – The Sound Of Los Males

by Matteo Ferro

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On the occasion of the latest release ‘Descent Towards Death’ (our review here), we had got the chance to exchange a few words with Los Males Del Mundo, here’s the interview to you:


Hi guys, thank you for the time you dedicate to us for Metalpit.;                                                                                        your new album is so powerful, what do people say about it?                                                                                             We are really happy and grateful for the reception of the album. “Descent Towards Death” is a conceptual work, it’s an album that requires attention to get into it and people understood it perfectly. The response has been great and it has given us the feeling, so to speak, that people have been carried away by the album, the music and the concept behind it. There’s nothing more rewarding than that, to connect with those who have given importance to this work.


Do you think that your sound has changed since your first EP? How musically-grown do you feel since your first release?                                                                                                                                                                              Although the songs on our EP were composed before, they were recorded with “Descent Towards Death” tracks, I mean, during the same period of time; therefore they have the same sound process. Although it may feel slightly different but that is due to the composition and the fact that it is more direct and closer to a melodic Black Metal work. For this album I feel that the personal growth was immense for several reasons, from the technical to the spiritual; Dany moved into my studio to compose and record the album, which made this work an exclusive priority throughout its creation process. That allowed us to be very connected to the music and to the album’s concept in each of its details. It was many months of hard work and just few hours of sleep, it was very intense and the result is very special for us.


Do Los Males Del Mundo prefer to write the lyrics or the music before in order to create a new song?                        It was a cyclical process of comings and goings, since we created the music and the melody, then we experimented the different rhythm patterns and after that Dany wrote the lyrics and made some demos with the voice; but after all that process we returned back to the beginning, to the music, in order to correct some things and to start the whole process all over again, like a circle, modifying music and lyrics until we felt that the track had reached the point where we let it go. That is why the lyrics are so connected with the music, because they were creating each other.


Do you think that this moment of crisis and pandemic works for the compositions of a Black
Metal Band?
                                                                                                                                                                                    It was a difficult year, that’s for sure. Personally we were occupied by work issues that even made the music have to put into a secondary place (Dany works as Clinical Psychologist and since the pandemic starts he was overwhelmed with his work, so he had to put music on hold at least for a few month). When all this started we just had finished with all the recordings as we were working in another Black Metal project that we have together and we just had to wait until Nikita finished with the mix and mastering, and that was around April 2020. Nowadays we are trying to get back into the routine but we barely could get together to keep working on our other projects, we hope to connect little by little with music and be able to be 100% focused on that to even redouble the bet. About the pandemic itself, I believe that every complicated and mobilizing moment generates a tension in each one of us as humans, that often finds its channel through art, so that it would be logical to expect in the next few years a lot of powerful and committed artistic work as a result of this current difficult situation; although I doubt that Black Metal is more benefited than any other type of music genre or even artistic movements.


Have you got any target bands for the composition and writing of your songs?
From the first moment we have decided to put in this project everything we like. From the composition we could say that it’s based mainly on Black Metal, from the aggressive and melodic Black Metal of the 90s with which we grew up, to some influences that can be found in today’s Black Metal with a little more dense structures and dissonant arrangements, but we also like the doom that can be seen in some arrangements of the album, Heavy Metal and many other musical genres that were printing their personal touch in this work but without moving away from the roots of the Black Metal that we like the most.


Have you already got new material for any upcoming releases?
Yes, we are constantly working on our side projects but at the same time we have got several Black Metal projects together which are quite different from each other and which were put on hold to focus on Los Males Del Mundo. Now we are focusing again on a bit more raw and direct but somehow more atmospheric project; so far we have composed an LP and we have to work on some lyrics and start the proper recording process.


Explain me the reason why the people who don’t know Los Males Del Mundo must listen your album.
We believe that it’s an authentic album that any Black Metal fan can enjoy; it is an album that can be heard by its melody and leads you track by track throughout the album. Of course it has a whole concept behind it and everything is there for a reason but even if it’s not your intention to get into the album concept, I think it can be enjoyed even with superficial listening. It is a sincere album in which we fully committed to what we were doing, but it’s not an innovative album nor does it pretend to be something out of the box, far from it. There are a thousand bands out there experimenting and looking for new things, that’s not our case. What we did, we did it because we felt the personal need to return to that magic that we found in the albums of the late 90’s and we added a personal and modern touch without fear of including things from other genres. Whoever tries to find something new, something exceptional in this album will be disappointed, since it was not our idea.


Have you got a favourite song from your album? If yes, why?
DTD is a very personal and authentic album; I think I’m speaking for the both of us when I say that it’s the most challenging work we have done so far. We put a lot of energy into it and it has become so personal that when I listen to it, each track creates its own tension that is resolved in the next and connects one track with another; it’s needed to listen to it from the beginning to the end, like a full song.


Have you got any projects for the future?
With Los Males Del Mundo we are promoting our album at the moment, while we continue working on the other projects mentioned before. We estimate to start composing the new LMDM album during 2022.


Thanks for the time dedicated to this interview, greetings by all Metalpit staff ! 
Thanks to you for the interview and thanks to all those who support us and give us a hand trusting and sharing what we do.


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