Chez Kane – “I believe artists and bands need to have a strong platform on social media these days to promote themselves.”

by Loris Clerico

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On March 12 2021 Chez Kane’s eponymous debut album was released; being active with her band Kane’d already, the young English singer went to a collaboration with Danny Rexon, the Crazy Lixx‘s singer who wanted to produce the record this time. The young artist’s numerous qualities make themselves heard in her new album; we interviewed the nice Chez for you, here on Metalpit. Enjoy the reading!


Hi Chez, welcome on Metalpit! I’m so happy to interview you, how are you? How are things going in your country?
Hey, thank you so much for inviting me to do the interview. I am very well thank you. Things are a bit up and down in the UK, I don’t know what’s happening from one minute to the next but I hope we are now on the road to a bit of normality now that the vaccine is getting out to everyone and things are slowly starting to reopen again.

I’ve listened to your new record and I love it so much, I find it great! Could you tell me something about it’s compositional process and the elements from which you took inspiration to create it?
Thank you, I’m so glad you like it! This is a question you would need to ask Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx as he composed all of the songs on my album.

Midnight Rendezvous” and “Rocket On The Radio” are my favourite songs from your record. Could you tell me something more about them? Where do they come from and what did you feel while writing them?
So as I said on the previous question, Danny Rexon wrote these incredible songs but I can tell you something more on how I feel about them…“Rocket On The Radio” has an anthemic feel with a catchy chorus, it’s the perfect summer tune and I had so much fun recording it… I can’t wait to play this live! “Midnight Rendevouz” was the most challenging song to record as it’s high, fast, powerful and very energetic. I love a challenge and I had so much fun putting my all into recording this one, I call it the ‘Ball Breaker’ of the album. (laughs)

This is an energetic album, it’s what people need during these hard times! “Better Than Love” is a valuable song, it has got a great tune, could you give me more details about this one too?
Better Than Love” is actually my favourite song from the album. The reason why is because it’s the first song I demoed for the project, it will always have a special place in my heart. The moment I heard this song, I had goosebumps!

During these weird times, what do you take inspiration from to create new music?
Inspiration comes and goes randomly for me… Even before the pandemic. I can get inspired by seeing a singer perform, hearing a song I love, an album, something I see on TV, something I see when I’m out on a walk. It’s very random and I could never pinpoint what inspires me to create music. I get very inspired at night time for some strange reason, I come alive at night. (laughs)

Please, tell me 3 or more albums that are important for you personally and why they’re part of your personal history.
1. Def Leppard – Best Of
This is the album that got me into Rock music when I was 13yrs old.

2. Alter Bridge – Blackbird
This album got me through a very difficult part of my life and I went on to tattoo the album artwork on my back.

3. Robin Beck – Trouble or Nothin’
I remember discovering Robin Beck and being completely blown away by her voice and I got very inspired by the album.

Have you got a playlist that you daily listen to? Are there any songs from underground bands in it?
I’ve actually been listening to the new playlist by Frontiers a lot recently, it’s called “Hot & Fresh Melodic Rock’’ on Spotify. They have some incredible artists & bands and I’m enjoying discovering lots of new music on there… I am really enjoying Kent Hilli’s new solo song “Don’t Say It’s Forever” right now.

Who are the musicians you would like to collaborate with and why?
I’d love to collaborate with Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge & Erik Gronwall formerly of H.E.A.T, purely because they are both amazing vocalists and I would love to have the opportunity to sing with either of them.

Who are your target musicians/singers?
If you mean who am I inspired by, it all started with Def Leppard for me at the age of 13yrs old. Then I went on to discover Pat Benatar, Robin Beck, I am also very inspired by bands like Alter Bridge, H.E.A.T, etc… I take inspiration from so many bands, musicians & singers.

Do you know any Italian rock band? What do you think about our country’s musical environment?
I actually toured with an Italian band called Sick N’ Beautiful a few years back… They are a really cool band! I don’t know much about the Italian musical environment. I hope that when I come to Italy, I can find out more.

According to you, what has changed in the world’s rock music market in the last ten years?
I feel social media has changed the music scene over the last 10-15years, not just for rock music, but for all styles of music! I believe artists and bands need to have a strong platform on social media these days to promote themselves. It can be quite challenging at times to know the right way to go about social media but it’s so amazing being able to connect with people who are following your music journey. It has its pros and cons like anything.

I would like to know your opinion about a current hot topic: I don’t think Talent Shows are healthy for the music. Many people believe that a rock band coming out of them will have a long career but we see these bands fading away instead. What do you think about this phenomenon?
Well, I have never wanted to apply for any talent shows, it’s not something I have been interested in. Many have said to me that I should try going up for one of the TV shows, but I’ve always said that it’s not for me and that I want to go about music my own way. I believe the TV shows can make or break you and I don’t always agree with the opinions on these kinds of shows. I don’t think it’s very healthy for the industry either but who knows what goes on behind the scenes, right? (laughs)

You’re free to end this interview the way you prefer, thank you very much for your time. As a young fan of your music I hope to see you live as soon as possible. Ciao!
Thank you so much, I really hope that I can come over to Italy for some live shows one day.

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