HATE – Inspiration comes from within

by Giuseppe Piscopo

With the release of the new Hate album, “Tremendum”, we had the chance to have a little chat with Adam the First Sinner (aka Adam Buszko), voice and guitar of the Polish band. Enjoy!

Hello and welcome on Metalpit! It’s a pleasure to host you on our pages.

Hi, I’m glad to talk to you.

I’d like to start the interview asking your opinion about the Polish scene. In my opinion, from the mid ’90s to nowadays, extraordinary bands were born and grew in the extreme metal scene, and in the last years I think that the Polish Black Metal niche is an excellence. What are your favourite bands in the scene? How do you live this phenomenon as protagonists?

Frankly speaking, I don’t have much to do with the Polish Black Metal underground because musically we are rooted in death metal; that’s where we come from. However, I know this part of the scene quite well. It has some great acts (like Mgła or Batushka for example), but also a bunch of posers and mediocrities. Anyway, it’s certaily true that the scene here is a pehnomenon with new bands coming all the time. There must be something in the Polish water…

Tremendum is a wonderful album, extremely polished and powerful, never unsteady and above all really evocative. How was the writing process and the subsequent practical realization?

Thanks for your words. We never record the same album. We always try to refine what we do over time. You need to change the way in which you deliver your message in order to express best what you’re aiming at. The new album is a further step into the realms of sonic darkness and, I believe, a better defined record than our previous opus “Crusade: Zero”. I think some people may re-discover Hate after listening to “Tremendum”, cause this album has definitely some new vibe and characteristics. This time we changed the studio and producer. We also haven’t edited drums and guitar tracks, so the songs sound very true to the way we play them in the rehearsal room or on stage.

What are the band’s projects to support this new record? Is there a chance to see you live in Italy?

Recently we played a Eropean tour teaming up with Nargaroth and Absu. Unfortunately, Italy was not on the bill. Anyway, I am sure we will hit the road again this Autumn and I hope we will have an occasion to visit your country this time. For now, I can’t tell, cause the tour is not fully confirmed yet.

After more than twenty years from the first black metal wave and after more than two decades of career, how hard is to not produce stereotyped and predictable music? What is your secret to succeed? What approach do you have to the themes?

Creating new music is always a journey and it takes time and effort. We usually go through a few versions of each song and lots of arrangement schemes. But there is actually no scheme. Each song is approched individually. Structure and technique are important, but once you know how to build a structure, other things start to play role. When I compose, I often ask myself whether a track or piece appeals to my emotions. I think music is about evoking emotions and inspiring some energies that are otherwise inaccessible. Also, I believe that music is a tool for conveying messages. It’s always more important to me what is the purpose behind it, why it’s created and not so much how it’s done.

As a veteran band like you, what do you think about the recent rediscovery of black metal and the so-called “Post” Black Metal? As you are very borderline in your sound, a different point of view is very interesting, almost none of these modern bands blends with Death Metal, but turn towards hardcore and derivatives.

Well, this is understandable because Black Metal is still a rebellious and inspiring genre. But very often misunderstood. As I said, there are some great acts in this new wave, but there are also posers and idiots. Honestly, I respect just a few bands in this genre, and most of them are those long-standing acts that play live shows and somehow support what they believe in. Black Metal is mainly ideology, not music. It’s a certain attitude and way of life. In the new wave I hardly ever find something that really appeals to me. But I am always ready to listen to new tries. I still consider myself as a learner, not teacher or (as you put it) veteran :)

Could you make a wish, what are the artists of the past with whom you would like to collaborate with or perhaps divide the stage or a tour? What are your biggest influences?

Well, my tastes in music go right across the genres. I listen to many different artists, both metal and non-metal. I think, however, my inspiration comes from within rather than from any particular band or genre. If you ask me which bands I would like to share stage with… I think I’d be cool to tour with Emperor, Cannibal Corpse.. and again with Mayhem.

What is, in your opinion, the factor that makes a band a big one and distinguishes real value from having a try?

Well, I believe there is not just one factor. It’s rather a bunch of factors plus the energetic input from individuals involved in a band. When you have the right energy, the most important thing is a vision that you want to share with others. It needs to be genuine and honest. The rest is determination to realize this vision.

I think I’m done, I leave you a space to tell our readers everything you want, and thank you for your time.

Thanks for this interview. I’d like to send saluts to HATE followers in your country. I hope they dig our new opus “Tremendum”! If we have an opportunity to come back to Italy to present the new material, we will defnitely do it. I look forward to it!

Picture by Daniel Rusiłowicz

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