BLACKFINGER – The band is like a baby I’m raising

by Luca Gazzola

After the release of the new Blackfinger album “When Colors Fade Away”, we had the chance to chat with Eric Wagner, frontman of the band, known also for being in The Skull. Enjoy!

Why did you choose the name Blackfinger? Does it have any peculiar meanings?

You know, I’m not really sure anymore. I’ve had that name for a long time now, just waiting for the right time to use it… might be kinda of a play on Black Sabbath and Badfinger, so let’s go with that.

How did you come up with the idea to create this new project?

After I left Trouble in 2008 I took some time off, maybe even a couple of years… one day I just decided to sit down and start writing, see what happens. So, after a while, I had a bunch of songs and decided to get a band together with friends of mine from home… wasn’t really sure were it all was going, it was kinda just for fun at first. But here we are 2 albums later, when things just happen on their own. It’s always the best, I think.

How’s it going with the band? After two albums, do you feel satisfied with the response?

Tt’s going good, and yes, they have gotten a good response. Blackfinger is kinda like my baby I’m raising… so when I’m not touring with The Skull, I’m at home being Mr. Mom.

How did other projects and bands influence Blackfinger? Is it a natural workflow or something’s different?

Lyrically no, it’s me and always has been. If you start with “The Tempter” and just keep going all the way up till this new, you will find that it is all one life. Now, musically it’s a little different because there are other songwriters involved, and though they might be all into the same kind of music they are all unique individuals that all bring who they are to the table.

In “When Colors Fade Away” there is a positive evolution of the band and an increase in the doom component, will this be the future trend or do you create music following your feelings in that situation?

Not sure at the moment… I’ve really tried to write a certain way, it is whatever comes out. So who knows what’s going on in the world or in my life when it’s time to work on another album.

How was this album born? How can you present it to fans?

Well, I ran away from home and really wasn’t sure I was going to do another Blackfinger record. But Dave Snyder, our drummer who, by the way, was Trouble’s touring drummer during “Plastic Green Head”, lives here and one day came over and said “let’s do something”. So we put togher the rest of the band and spent the next two years writing the record.

What are the projects for the future? Are you already planning something? Maybe visiting Italy?

Originally, Blackfinger was meant to be a three record project, because i kept waking up every morning at exactly 3:33 AM, so I guess I’ve got at least one more to do… but first I’m going to sit back and enjoy this record and then start working on a new Skull record.

I think we are done, feel free to greet our readers at and thanks for you time!

Thank you Sir… the pleasure is all mine.

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