5 R V L N 5 – The world is becoming seemingly more “Orwelian”

by Federico Siccardo

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With the upcoming release of the 5 R V L N 5 debut album (pronounced “Sur-vāl-ens”, here you can find our review), we had the opportunity to contact and ask some questions to Chuck Clybourne, ex guitarist and vocalist of Faces Of The Bog as well as the founder of this new interesting electronic / post industrial project.
We thank him for his time and passion, wishing him a good continuation for his project and for his musical career!

Hi Chuck, first of all thank you very much for your time. I would start by asking you the reasons for your departure with the Faces Of Bog.

Thanks for having me. Glad to be here!
When I left Faces of the Bog, my life was an absolute firestorm. I had lost my Father about a year prior and my ex-wife’s mother committed suicide shortly after. I found myself in a co-dependent relationship that grew to be extremely toxic. While these situations may have been contributing factors, it is not the core reason I had decided to exit.

I left because I felt trapped. That band was like a democracy. Everything had to go to a vote. The fact that we had just released our debut album, which was received well, led me to want to push the band more aggressively. I felt we needed to tour extensively and grow our audience face to face in a much bigger way than we had been doing. Just learn how to be a ”road band”, you know? At that particular time, Faces was really all I had going for me in my life. I was ready to take the leap and live in a van 100+ days a year. No one else was really invested in it to that degree. So, I think you can see my dilemma there.
The decision to quit something I had helped build from the ground up was extremely difficult. However, by that time I had already loosely written half of the “The Black Mark”. That alone, made it a much easier choice. I felt I would be capable of doing what I had wanted to do with Faces, but now it was 100% on my terms with this new project.

Where does the idea of this new project come from and why the choice of a moniker written in this particular way?

Deep-state politics and the rapid growth of technology are converging and edging into our lives at an increasing pace. The world is becoming seemingly more “Orwelian”. The moniker is a reflection of this.

From who do you take inspiration, and work?

I take a lot of my inspiration form observing daily life and how I fit into the world as an individual. Spiritually, this album definitely lives in the lower chakras. It’s about the Ego.

Many musicians and producers have favorite genres and bands different from what they propose. Is it your own case?

I listen to pretty much everything. I’m a pretty big country fan if you catch me at the pub. Only the old shit though… George Jones, Hank Williams 1-3, Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, etc..
I also dig on some jazz from time to time as well. Charlie Mingus is probably one of my all time favorites.

With “The Black Mark” you propose a particular post industrial electronic genre, will it be possible to assist its execution in live or it’s just a study project?

This is a LIVE band. While I write all of the music, I still get a kick out of the energy that is created between human beings on a stage. I’ve got a 5-piece band currently rehearsing for the album release show this coming March. Danny from Faces of the Bog will be playing drums. I’ve got my good friend James Clark on synths/fx and Larry Hryn from the band Rocket Miner on guitar. Lara Noël will be flying in to Chicago to perform vocals on the single, “Flesh”. Rehearsals have been shaping up nicely. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Would you like to have a famous special guests in your project?

Not really. I like working with friends and fellow musicians I already have a relationship with. There are some heroes I would definitely lose my shit over if I was able to collaborate with them, but for the most part, I’m pretty happy with my little corner of the world and the people within that circle.

Besides music, what are your greatest passions?

I like art and would probably have my foot deeper into that world if I wasn’t making music. I just don’t have the time right now. I have a degree in Computer Animation and work a day job as a Graphic Designer. I like to sculpt and paint when I can.

Have you ever been in Italy? If yes, where and what did you like? If not, would you like it?

I have not. Definitely on the list of places to travel/tour. The artwork and architecture alone would be worth it. Not to mention all the wine!

How do you face up with difficult moments in your life?

Take it on the chin. What will be, will be.

In a hypothetical live, who would you like to do as an opener?

Lingua Ignota

Thank you Chuck for your answers and for your availability, I wish you a good continuation!


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